"I began to wish for clients to define their homes as sacred places using my art and these spiritual pieces seemed a perfect way to do so. The work of Joseph Campbell helped me sort out my confliction with religious symbols and my allegiance to science and critical thought." - Rev. Varg

"I use hearts often because they are a very abstract way of depicting the human soul without also employing the very subjective human form. The symbolic heart is an apt representation for a person's experience and essence. A body can immediatly conjure happiness, sorrow, youth, age, anger, bliss. These emotions can get in the way. Sometimes it's simply about the experience."

"I am not a trained painter and have spent the last few years trying to slowly teach myself how to do it. The paintings below represent the ongoing results of those efforts. These are basically line drawings similar to the ones I used to sketch in my high school and college notebooks. The Voodoo doll is a great subject to learn on."

"After I began making the abby figs, I slowly began to put them into some sort of context to try and tell a story. Many of the narrative sources are form literature or song but other's are more personal."

"Someone once asked me what my skulls "meant." I said, "Well, THE NAKED SOUL OF MAN!"

"Learning how to do these absstract figures was a leap forward for me artistically because I could then communicate a human form to the audience. I could put them in simple situations as I tried to tell their stories. These would later expand into more narrative pieces."

"Need some inspiration? Walk out your front door."

"A collection of bric-a-brac pieces that don't neccesarily have a relation to anything else. Most of these are from the early days when I was sort of trying to find a voice."

"Heartpine is the heart of a longleaf pine tree. It is a vaery rare wood in our modern age as pine is most often harvested for lumber in it's yellow stage. I made several "T.Vs" with it because it is somewhat abundent in New Orleans due to the owner neglect of some houses." I have recently began using it in more narrative pieces."

"After a stint working at Tulane Med School, I developed an appreciation for the human anatomy resulting in this series of image transfers from Osteographia, or The anatomy of the bones among others."

"No New Orleans artist would be worth a damn if he or she didn't do a few music pieces."