I wanted to share a little poem we came up with because, well, we're a strange couple o' girls and we amuse ourselves.  Here it goes....

In the twilight of my birthday twenty times tieux,
Partaking in a leisurely stroll on St. Ann Street, the artist's avenieux,
We happened upon a blushing beauty, the likes of which we never knieux,
A little girl with a heart of gold, and head slightly askieux.
Upon sighting the lovely one, Jennifer said, "I really like her, how about yieux?"
To which I thoughtfully replied, "Yes I like her, I really dieux tieux."
"Do you want her, do yieux?"
"Yes, I want her, I really dieux."
"Well, Annette. I want her tieux."
"I know, Jen, I know you want her, but for her, we may have to argieux,"
We pondered her purchase while dinning on stieux and fondieux.
Where I would place her in my home, I hadn't a clieux.
Then Jen decided the best place for her would be a bare spot in her lieux,
Where she could sit and smile and be the guardian of pieux.
Thinking I would wait until I decided what with her I'd dieux,
I relayed my plan to Varg, the talented artist who fatefully drieux,
The prettiest girl we dubbed Vikki Vieux.
Who so graciously offered, that if someone with money came thrieux,
He would make us another little Vikki Vieux.
Among our concerns, what our husbands would spieux,
Because to them, the subject of such artistic beauty would be tabieux.
Neither of us really cared, because we were wholly aware of her virtieux,
And with our passions for our girls' weekend travels suddenly anieux,
Came up with the plan, go home, prepare, and later buy Ms. Vieux.
Upon returning to our hotel, we thought of the day and gave a yahieux,
Because our little excursion that day washed away all that made us blieux.
I got a sudden gut-wrenching disparity that perhaps I should skidieux,
And return to Jackson Square in Varg's little purlieux,
Because I felt as if I'd abandoned my child, which would really never dieux.
Jen directed me to tell Varg she expected soon a Vikki Vieux Dieux,
And we laughed and laughed because that was some funny pieux.
I suddenly realized the best place for new vieux,
Would be my teenage daughter, Lydia's room, and thus our family grieux,
To love with all our hearts, the nieux-est member, Vikki Vieux.

- Annette

"I came across a heart today. Broken, dirty, haphazardly put back together with rusty nails. And grey was now protecting what was left of the bleeding red underneath. It was by far one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen and though I didnt cry, I felt it deep inside. Not from sadness, though this heart had obviously been through more than anyone should ever have to endure. But from the sheer beauty of its truth"
- Maegan

"love my Big Voo! Thanks. It hangs proudly in my hallway. It has had to get used to Chicago winters though..."
-Temple, Chicago, Il

"When me and my wife visited New Orleans we stumbled on Lance's art at Jackson Square and loved his work. We really liked the textures and quality of the workmanship, especially on the osteo transfers but we didn't have any cash on us. We exchanged e-mails and Lance made us a custom piece and shipped it to us really fast! All of our friends love his work and so do we, he's a great artist and a great guy!"
-Chris and Brooke, Darien, CT

“The commissioned piece that Lance created matched the color scheme of our living area, the size we requested, and included the Italian proverb of our request. The piece had character, was stylish, and added the perfect accent to our home. Charming and authentic artistic work made in the spirit of New Orleans. A great deal!”
- Craig, Metairie, La

"Searching for a print of New Orleans on the internet, I stumbled upon Lance Vargas' folkart.  Impressed with how even through an internet picture I could see the spirit of NOLA in the work, I contacted Lance to purchase the piece.  Now, less than one week later, the art hangs proudly in my house, a testament to how even in little Hingham, MA, we Americans are not forgetting about the spirit of New Orleans."
- Adrienne, Hingham, MA

"Lance’s art is truly the spirit of New Orleans and the people that embrace New Orleans as their home!  My husband and I collect original fine art and are artists ourselves.  We asked him to paint a sign for our house numbers and it is more fabulous than we could have imagined.  Thank you Lance for helping us to advertise to the world how much we love New Orleans and truly love our art." 
- Susan, New Orleans, La

"Thank you so much for our hand-crafted picture frame, the loss of our cat was devastating and the only piece deserving of holding her picture up to the world was one of your frames.  Our Dixie is now smiling at us with a piece of New Orleans that we can cherish forever."
- The Hume Family, New Orleans, La